Prairie Lakes Dental Services

Insurance and Financing

Prairie Lakes Dental is a preferred provider for the Premier Dental Group insurance companies, and Delta Dental. We do accept nearly all other insurance companies as well. On your behalf, we will electronically submit your dental claims at no charge, along with any necessary x-rays that the insurance company may request. Prior to each appointment we will estimate the portion that the insurance company will not cover, and this would be due at the day of service.

We are able to only estimate your portion of the bill, and other specific questions should be directed to your insurance company. For instance, some insurance policies only cover certain filling materials in posterior (back) teeth. For this reason, we always advise the patient to check with their insurance company prior to their appointment date to determine coverage.

For those without insurance, we expect payment in full the day of service with cash, personal check, VISA, Mastercard, or Discover. We do offer a 5% discount for payment on the day of service. We also have Care Credit available for those who apply and are accepted.