Patients in our office receive comprehensive and periodic oral examinations. During these examinations a number of screenings are performed, which include a head and neck cancer screening, as well as a TMJ evaluation. The exam then moves intraorally, and all of the patient’s gum tissue is screened for oral cancer. Finally, the patient’s teeth are examined to diagnose any dental caries (cavities) that may be occurring in their mouth.

Routine Cleaning
Preventative maintenance cleanings and check-ups are what help aid in prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease. To learn more about periodontal disease, see Periodontics in our Services section. We recommend our patients to be seen every 6 months for their routine preventative cleanings.

Often times we recommend placing sealants in your child’s 6 year and 12 year molars. These molars are more prone to getting dental caries due to the depth of the natural grooves and pits on the chewing surface of these teeth. A sealant is placed to “block out” these grooves and pits, which prevents food impaction and lowers the risk of dental caries.

At our office we place a varnish fluoride for most children up to 16 years of age. The varnish fluoride helps to protect against dental caries, and is placed at each 6 month cleaning. Unlike the older style fluorides, the varnish fluoride is “painted” on the teeth and children are able to eat or drink right away.

Sensitive Teeth
Many people suffer from sensitive teeth. While there are numerous reasons why teeth may be sensitive, for certain cases we are able to apply a desensitizing treatment on the areas of concern. If you are experiencing sensitive areas in your mouth, let us know and our staff will be able to assist you with your concern.

Clenching and Grinding
Do you suffer from headaches? Often times our headaches are related to the clenching and grinding habits that take place during the day and throughout the night hours while you’re sleeping. We can help control the amount of clenching and grinding by fabricating a streamline, custom fit night guard. This simple procedure has shown to reduce the amount of muscle soreness and headaches in our patients, while also preserving the enamel on our teeth. When our enamel is preserved, the incidence of sensitivity also decreases!